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My original passion for photography came from my years competing as a Bodybuilder. During this time I developed a true passion for capturing images of bodybuilders and fitness athletes in their greatest shape and condition. Be it on stage, back stage, in the gym or out on location.

This led me to pursue more in-depth study of photography. Whereby I learnt the production of black and white and colour photographic images, drawing on elements of design and traditions of photography. I also studied digital image capture and computer image management, camera techniques using a range of studio and SLR camera systems and lighting for both studio and location work.


As a model myself, spending time in front of the lens has also taught me what is needed from the photographer when capturing the perfect image.


Through study and experimentation I now have a passion for shooting a variety of forms. I am currently working in Tokyo as a Wedding Photographer. I also shoot portraits, fashion, sports and events.

Leigh Carmichael

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